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images-10The Chip Dee Academy of Music is in fact, a Music School.  We teach music – all ages, levels and styles of music.  We teach you how to read, write (compose) and perform music.  We teach you how to express your emotions, to love and be passionate about the one universal language in the world and to do this to the best of your individual ability.  To be serious and still have fun.  To know what it is to work hard towards a goal, but also to unwind and relax and most importantly enjoy what you’ve learned.  To bring out the inner artist in each and every person in their own unique way and style of music.  

The Chip Dee Academy of Music’s philosophy and approach is different.  Instead of requiring practicing a certain amount of time every day, we assign a set amount of repetitions to each piece or exercise.  You should be hearing the same piece repeated every day as assigned in your assignment book.  When you are done, practice is done.  We believe that student’s learn best by repetition, they don’t learn by watching a timer or clock for a set period of time.