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Chip Dee Academy of Music Teaching Method


At Chip Dee Academy of Music – music is a language, a simple method that becomes a state of mind.  Chip Dee and his instructors teach you to “speak music” or how to communicate with the language of music.  You’ll start out by learning the building blocks of musical theory and soon you’ll be able to “converse” with other musicians.

We teach reading music primarily to; give the student knowledge of what they are doing on the instrument, for cognitive development of language skills and abstract thinking and to be able to translate that to what they listen to and how to communicate with other musicians.  Again, music is a language. To be able to use that language to the fullest, a person needs to be able to not only speak it, (play or sing it), but to also read and write it. You can rest assure that the performers you see without music stands used their ears AND written music to get where they are. They have simply memorized what they’ve learned.

Of equal importance in the teaching method at the Chip Dee Academy of Music is that of professionalism. We’ll help you hone your ability to play a hit song on your guitar as well as teach you to sight read a chart for a TV commercial. At the Chip Dee Academy of Music, it’s all about your goals aligned with your pace and taste – our only other method of success is to encourage practice, practice, practice.

20100219_mcr_3402Instead of requiring practicing a certain amount of time every day, we assign a set amount of repetitions to each piece or exercise. You should be hearing the same piece repeated every day as assigned in his or her assignment book. When they are done, practice is done. People learn by repetition. They don’t learn by watching a timer or clock for a set period of time.

We will report to you after every lesson if you are in the studio.  In addition, we have a grading sheet that each student brings to every lesson.  Each student will be graded on each aspect of their lesson.  The grading sheet is also a record to keep track of weekly practices.