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Welcome to Chip Dee Academy of Music

20100219_mcr_3294For more than 30 years, Chip Dee has been a professional musician and certified music educator and is the proud founder of the Chip Dee Academy of Music. The philosophy of the Chip Dee Academy of Music is and will always be based on the belief as evidenced by the founder’s experiences – that music above all modalities, offers the most profound, universal and all-encompassing emotional and aesthetic experience for the human condition. No other “language” is as universal in its power to heal and bring people of all ages and abilities and disabilities together. This philosophy has evolved to be a Chip Dee Academy of Music quest, Saving the world from music illiteracy one note at a time.

The Chip Dee Academy of Music is a comfortable and acoustically optimized suite of music studios for the professional as well as student musician who’s interested in music composition and performance ranging from Vocal, Piano and Guitar to Drums, Bass, Violin / Cello, Woodwinds and Brass. In all styles of music from classical, country, folk, rhythm and blues to doo-wop, jazz, and rock.  The Chip Dee Academy of Music is all about creativity and musical expression – reinvigorate your rock band, bring harmony to your vocal group or learn to scintillate as a soloist.